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NotifyNOW!™ is a telephone and email notification system that allows businesses, educational institutions, sports teams, religious organizations and social clubs to deliver important news/information to members, employees, contractors, clients and/or customers quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.

How does NotifyNOW!™ work?

The client emails its initial call list to NotifyNOW!™. Once their list is loaded, they are given login information that allows them to add phone numbers, delete phone numbers, add email addresses and create up to 99 sub-lists that can be called individually.

A client can send a NotifyNOW!™ message from any telephone, at any time 24/7, to any telephone anywhere in the United States or Canada. Clients can send up to a 2 minute message by dialing an 800 number, entering a password, choosing the correct call list, then recording their message. Within minutes, a client can contact thousands of people with their important information. In an emergency, NotifyNOW!™ can make all the difference by giving management a simple method of communicating critical information to employees and customers.

Please note that it is against the law to call people with whom you do not have an existing relationship. Clients can not use NotifyNOW!™ to make unsolicited sales calls to non-customers or employees. Doing so will result in immediate removal of the client from access to the service. Clients can feel free to use NotifyNOW!™ to contact employees, contractors, vendors, sales reps and customers who have given them permission to do so and who benefit from the information being provided.