What is NotifyNOW!™?

Any business, large or small, can send a NotifyNOW!™ message from any telephone, at any time 24/7, to any list of telephone numbers anywhere in the United States or Canada. You can send up to a 2 minute message by dialing an 800 number from any phone, choosing the correct call list, then recording your message. Within minutes, you can contact thousands of people with your important information. You can even send email and text messages. NotifyNOW!™ is a simple method of communicating critical information to employees, customers, and clients.

Who uses NotifyNOW!™?

  • Hospitals use it to contact doctors, nurses, maintenance and cafeteria staff when additional help is needed.
  • Churches use the service to remind members about important meetings and events and to manage prayer chains.
  • Small businesses use NotifyNOW!™ to notify customers about weekly or monthly specials.
  • Restaurants use NotifyNOW!™ to find waitresses, cooks and bus boys, to fill shifts when employees do not show up for work.
  • Real Estate Agents use NotifyNOW!™ to notify clients when new homes come on the market.
  • Large Industrial/Manufacturing companies use NotifyNOW!™ to contact employees when business is interrupted by snow storms, floods, power outages and other interruptions.
  • Service organizations use it to generate volunteers for projects and increase attendance at meetings.

What does it cost?

There is a one time setup fee of $100 to start using NotifyNOW!™. You can then choose from per minute, per month or annual pay plans. Costs are as low as 15¢ per actual minute or usage each month.

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