Provide Live Audio and Video of your Services!

TRZ can provide both live streaming video access to your services and/or telephone access for those who are elderly and do not use the internet. We provide live video access using the latest IP Camera streaming

technology for as little as $25 per service after installation expenses. Best of all, there is no operator necessary at your facility to provide video!

*High speed internet connection is required for this service.

We provide telephone-only access to your live services by attaching a device to your public address system that allows anyone in the world to hear your services, over the telephone or over the internet, at a very reasonable cost of 20¢ per minute of use. You only pay when you use the service. No internet connection is required for this service, just a phone line.

There are several markets for these live services. First, you have the local market. Church/Temple members who cannot attend due to illness, injury or having to stay home to take care of someone are potential listeners. The local market can also include board members who cannot attend a meeting or congregation members who wish to listen in to a lecture, discussion, or choir concert.

Next you have the distant market. Church/Temple members who are away on vacation or who live out of the area for extended periods during the year. The distant market really comes into play for weddings, funerals and other special events.

Many times people cannot afford to travel to a wedding or a funeral, or they cannot get there on time for a funeral. This service is the next best thing to being there and it is very affordable compared to the cost of gasoline, plane tickets, meals, and hotels.

So, what type of services should you broadcast? Regular Services, Bible Studies, Board Meetings, Musical Concerts, Holiday Services, Special Speakers, Weddings, Funerals, Etc. Give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Keep your members informed with NotifyNOW!™ Broadcast Voice Services

NotifyNOW!™ is a technology that allows you to call everyone in your congregation by making a single call to a toll free number and recording a message. It is then delivered immediately, or at a scheduled time, in your voice, to your call list. It is very simple to use, very inexpensive, and very fast. The cost is only 15¢ per minute of use.

Our system will leave the message on their answering machine or voicemail. We even put YOUR caller ID on the phone when you call, so they know it is an important message from you. This service is invaluable when you need to notify the congregation about the unexpected death of a member, a new birth in the congregation or even when a service or social event needs to be cancelled due to bad weather or some other problem.