What is NotifyNOW!™?

NotifyNOW!™ is a telephone messaging system you can use to contact parents, players and coaches to relay important messages quickly. You can send up to a 2 minute message by dialing an 800 number from any phone then recording your message. It is as easy to use as leaving a voice mail. The message is delivered in minutes to everyone on your list. Each parent can have up to four phone numbers and four email/text message addresses. Up to 99 sub-lists can be easily broken out from the main lists to create logical groupings. Then calls can be made to any of those groups with information that pertains only to them. Here are some sample uses of NotifyNOW!™:

  • Team Managers use it for meeting notifications/reminders
  • Coaches use it for practice/game time or day changes
  • Business Managers use it to send reminder messages about payment deadlines
  • Team Managers use it to give out travel information

What does it cost?

You can make unlimited calls to up to 50 numbers for $49.95 for the entire year or pay just $29.95 for a season pack that restricts your use to three months of the year.