What is NotifyNOW!™?

With NotifyNOW!™, your service organization can send a voice message from any telephone, at any time 24/7, to any list of member telephone numbers. In less than five minutes everyone on your list will get a call, in your voice, reminding them about an upcoming meeting, asking for volunteers, reminding them to send in dues payments, notifying them that an event has been cancelled or that a fellow member is ill or has passed away.

With NotifyNOW!™, you can call up to four phone numbers for each member, and even send text messages and emails to them. It is fast, it is inexpensive and it is effective. It saves time and prevents confusion. Our experience with service groups indicates that you can improve attendance at meetings by 40% just by sending a reminder call the day before.

How does it work?

First you load your list of members into the NotifyNOW!™ system using our website. Then when you need to send a call, you dial a toll free number, choose the list you want to call, record your message and hit send. It is as easy as leaving a voice mail. You can even record a call in advance and have it go out later! The best part is, once you load the lists, you don't need a computer to make a call. All you need is a phone.

What does it cost?

There is a one time setup fee of $100 to start using NotifyNOW!™. After the initial setup fee, you are charged only 15¢ per minute for every minute of use of the system each month. If, for instance, you call 50 people with a one minute message, you are invoiced for $7.50. If you make no calls in a month, there are no charges. You pay only when you use the service.