NotifyNOW!™ For Trash Haulers


One of the problems in the Trash Hauling industry today is confusion by your customers as to when to put out their trash when a holiday or other event takes place, despite notes on your bills and on your web site. This confusion results in people putting out their trash on days when you will not be picking it up, followed by trash getting spilled on the street and torn open by animals which angers your customers and their neighbors. Not to mention city officials who blame trash haulers for the problem instead of citizens. You also face similar problems when trucks break down, weather causes delays, or when other events beyond your control interrupt service.

How does NotifyNOW!™ solve your problem?

NotifyNOW™ solves this problem by allowing your company to send a telephone message to your customers to inform them about a change in service - with just one call. You make one short call to record your message and we deliver that message in your voice to hundreds or thousands of your customers within minutes. Using our simple website, you can create call lists for all your customers by truck routes, by day of week, or any other way you want to organize them. Then when a holiday or other event occurs, you can call the affected customers to alert them as to when their trash will be collected.

Another example would be when a truck breaks down. You can immediately call everyone on that route and tell them what happened and when you will pick up their trash. This eliminates the angry calls that come into your business from customers wanting to know what happened. Best of all, it will disarm city officials who are looking for ways to further regulate trash haulers by eliminating the majority of their issues about trash being out too long.

You can even use NotifyNOW™ to call everyone who is behind on their bill and remind them to send in their payment - without having to talk to each one of them. You can also use it to remind people of spring cleanup or other annual events.

You can use NotifyNOW™ in dozens of ways that help your business.



  • Dial a number
  • Choose a List
  • Record your message
  • Send it to the customers you need to reach

It's just like leaving a voice mail. You can even schedule calls to go out at a later date or time. When the call goes out, everyone on your list is called within minutes. Our system will even leave a message if no one is home.


NotifyNOW!™ costs only $1 per YEAR per customer for unlimited use! We have monthly and per use plans as well.


Announcements can be made from any touchtone phone, including cell phones.

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