What is NotifyNOW!™?

NotifyNOW!™ is a broadcast voice service. It is designed for small towns and villages that do not have a dedicated radio or TV station serving their geographic area. It is used to communicate emergency and informational messages to every citizen in a matter of minutes via phone, email and/or text.

What is the All-Community Plan?

When you purchase the All-Community Plan for your community, every Non-Profit organization and government agency in your community also gets to use the service FREE of charge! So, every church, the little league teams, the VFW, Chamber of Commerce, Volunteer Fire Department, boy scouts and girl scouts, 4H Clubs, Farm Bureau, etc. gets their own list that they can call and use however they want. Yes, you get unlimited usage for everyone in town all for one low annual fee.

How does it Work?

As the community administrator you can send a NotifyNOW!™ message, in your voice, from any telephone, at any time 24/7, to any list of telephone numbers with whom you need to communicate. The message can be up to 2 minutes in length and, in the case of an emergency, can be sent to up to four phone numbers and four email/text addresses for each community member on the list. Within minutes, you can contact thousands of people with your important information. You can have up to 99 unique lists of citizens so that your message is sent only to those citizens who are directly affected by your message.

What does it Cost?

When your community purchases TRZ's NotifyNOW!™ service you pay a flat annual fee of $1.50 per primary number for unlimited use of the service. The primary number is defined as the main phone number used to contact a citizen and/or the members of their family. For instance a family of four would have one primary phone number if they all lived at the same residence. Each citizen can then have up to three additional phone numbers and four additional email/text message addresses for which there is no additional charge.